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The perfect combination for your haircare. Babe Formula Bonbon Shampoo features bonbon-candy fragrance and is formulated with Collagen, relives dryness and repairs split ends.

Formulated with Collagen, which helps with hair growth, adds volume, and helps fight follicle damage

Softens, smoothens, and reduces breakage and frizz caused by dryness with Hydrolyzed Keratin

Soothes your scalp as it hydrates hair from root to tip with Aloe Vera

Relieves dryness and repairs split ends with Shea Butter, which is rich in Vitamins A and E

Rich nourishing ingredients are proven to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, hydrated, and vibrant

Cruelty-free formula does not contain sulfates, silicones, parabens, and salt

FDA approved

Please be advised that we will send either the bon bon babe shampoo or whimsicle shampoo if it’s in stock.

Babe Formula Bonbon Shampoo

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