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Coconut Oil

Sodium Hydroxide

Kojic Acid


Water Ethyl Alcohol


Alpha Arbutin


Brilliant Tomato All Natural Rejuvenating Facial Set is Good For Teenagers, Sensitive Skin

Suitable All Skin Type

Pregnant And Lactating Mothers.

Helps Reduce The Appearance of Blemishes

Such As Pimples, Scars Whiteheads, Dark Spot and other Discolouration

It Also Helps Refresh the Skin Effectively

Cleansing the Pores to Remove Dirt and By Gently Exfoliating The Top Layers of Skin

Whitens And Lighten Dark Spot, Acne Marks

Micro Peeling Effect

Removes Pimple Mark And Dark Spot

Reduces Pores

Mild And Effective Pinkish Glowing Skin

FDA Approve

Excellent Quality and Brand

100% Original Product

Brilliant Skin Essentials Tomato Micro-Exfoliating Soap

Excluding Sales Tax
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