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Collagen / Placenta Serum by Biocell is used to nourish the skin. Make the skin look younger, reduce wrinkles.

1 box contains 10 bottles

Price is sold per 1 box.

Which contains concentrated ingredients

-Ascor­Bic Acid 10000mgSolution

-Col­La­Gen d'extrait 2500mg

-Aminox Essen­Tial Amino Acid 900mg

Makes the skin look healthy Has small particles It helps to increase absorption into the skin layers quickly, making your skin look younger, firm, smooth, when the age is more, the body will lose collagen. Causing the cause of aging

- Helps reduce wrinkles, scars, dark spots, freckles and uneven skin tone

- Helps to whiten the skin

Placenta Enhanced Placenta Complex (SWISS)

Reduce wrinkles from stress age. Skin looks younger and pores appear smaller. Repairs and regenerates cells to DNA and RNA. Details placenta Extracts Bio Cell (Swiss) Switzerland's most advanced technology in Human placenta Extracts from pure children.It has been certified from all over the world to see real results and are recognized. Smooth skin and pores appear smaller.

1 tube component:

-Embryonic Extracts

-Placenta Extracts

-Vitamin B1 Complex

-Vitamin A

-Potassium Gluconate


-C-amino Acid Complex

-Essential Enzymes

COLLAGEN Platinum Forte + Vit. C (IV- for drip)

Excluding Sales Tax
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