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This amazing detox juice features 12 ingredients to aid in constipation and improve digestion.


Glutathione – an anti-cancer agent that helps in making your skin look brighter and fairer.

L-Carnitine – a detoxifying agent that aids in increasing metabolism.

Green Tea – another detoxifying ingredient that helps in cleansing the body from unwanted toxins.

Collagen – an anti-aging agent that improves elasticity of the skin.

Garcinia – an ingredient that aids in weight loss by helping you curb your appetite.

Grape Seed Extract – an active ingredient that helps in decreasing bad cholesterol and controlling diabetes.

Lemon – provides added vitamins (especially Vitamin C) which also helps in detoxifying and enhances both the slimming and whitening process.

Mangosteen – a detoxifying ingredient.

Goji Berry – helps in improving total well-being.

Barley Grass – an ingredient that makes the immune system stronger.

Malunggay – added nutrients to help you have glowing and healthier skin.

Ampalaya – Decreases sugar levels and helps in preventing diabetes.

GlutaLipo 12-in-1 Detox Lemon Juice

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