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The ultimate in white, pink, Japanese-style Asian girls, the best Glutax products


The quantity of glutathione nano to 22 million milligrams extracted sakura seed mix that the Japanese think that it is an elixir used as an ingredient in different products.



RNA HA helps to nourish to the skin all over the body as if adding water to the cells, including


SELINO likewise helps construct the immune system to the body better respond to the response of the gotten substance even much better.


ALFA LIPOIC is an antioxidant precursor. Develop radiance to the skin


COENZYNE Q 10 and GROWTH aspect are crucial components. that nourishes the body, brain, skin, nails and hair to be lovely and complete once again


GRAPE SEED makes your skin look pink like a newborn baby.


SAKURA STEMCELL makes your skin look white and pink like the Japanese. After being exposed to the sun, the skin glows with aura. It also consists of sun protection substances to avoid skin from ending up being darker.



Usage 1 set at a time, mix 3 bottles together and inject IV drip




• Makes your skin white, smooth solf and radiant.

• Increases the flexibility and moisturizer of the skin,

• Summing up andreduce the pores of the skin which tends to enlarge anti aging

• Gets rid of & vanishes scars

• Lowers pigmentation arising from sun

• Lowers great lines and wrinkles around facial location

• Suppresses the formation of red and or dark spot/acne/ acnes/ pimples




- Nano Glutathione 22000000 mg

- Grape Seed Extract 100000 mg

- Sakura Extrack Stemcell100000 mg

- RNA White Cells 50000 mg

- Acido Alfa Lipoico 200000 mg

- Pro Coenzyne q 10 10000 mg

- Acido Codico 50000 mg

- Growth Aspect 100000 mg

- Collagene Naturale 50000 mg

-Multivitaminico 100000 mg

- Selinio 50000 mg



10 Sets/Box



Combine a set of 1 set plus 1 in 1 Split The best result is an injection for 1x in a week follow-up maintenance two weeks or once a month. Perform routine injection to speed up whitening to get results bright for good outcomes.

Glutax 22000000 GS

Excluding Sales Tax
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