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✨GMEELAN explores the world to unravel the secrets of skin whitening.

Mirowood, also known as South African phoenix grass and as "newborn grass", grows in the mysterious, ancient highlands of remote South Africa. Has a strong self-healing power, just 1 drop of water can revive the dead.


💖 detail information


Product Name:Glutathione Whitening Lazy Cream

Product capacity: 30g

Product efficacy: whitening, brightening, moisturizing, removing goose skin

Intended User: All skin types Especially the skin that needs whiteness and skin cells.

💖 Net nanometer microemulsion hydrate technology, nano-level reactive molecules Accelerate the permeability of the lower muscles, and accelerate the decomposition of melanin.


✔️ Benefits:


Dispel body odor, effective anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, refreshing the skin.

Make your skin white and clear after just one use.

Remove dead skin, dark skin, chicken skin


☘️ Star ingredients:

* Mint field 7000 pieces, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory eliminate unpleasant odors

* 5 times whitening ingredients that can whiten skin Glycyrrhiza glabra inhibits melanin pigmentation at the source. glutathione accelerator light black; Nicotinamide blocks melanin transfer, vitamin C, antioxidant, pearl powder, brightens skin tone.

* Extract from British Mirowood can be absorbed into the skin quickly. locks in moisture and strengthens the skin barrier making skin soft and bright

* Grapefruit extract restores and controls oil, shrinks pores, and prevents oxidation. anti-inflammatory improves smell and makes skin feel fresh and soft.

GMEELAN Gluta Whitening Lazy Cream

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