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Our Bleaching Whipped Cream is now with 2x Whitening Power!

Get yours now and enjoy the following benefits:

🌸 2x Whitening Power
🌸 Mild Exfoliation
🌸 Rejuvenates Skin
🌸 Moisturizes
🌸 Powerful Whitening
🌸 Easy to Apply
🌸 Fragrant
🌸 Affordable
🌸 FDA-Approved
🌸 Safe for Pregnant and Lactating Moms!

Kbeaute Bleaching Whipped Cream

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Out of Stock
  • Before using any of our soaps/creams/toners or beauty sets, please do a patch test first to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction to the said product(s). Use a small amount of the product on your neck and wait for 2 hours to see if you have any allergic reaction (rashes, redness, or itching). If any of these occur, do not use the product, and consult a physician.

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