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Now, you can satisfy your chocolate cravings without the guilt! Luxe Slim Dark Chocolate Drink's ingredients are all-natural, so you can feel good about yourself while drinking it.

Get to know Luxe Slim Dark Choco! This drink is made with a special blend of ingredients, including dark cocoa extract, chitosan, I-carnitine, thyme, ashwagandha, garcinia cambogia, and cinnamon extract. This one is going to be a game-changer for you.

Suppresses your appetite

Burns Fat

Improves mental health memory

Reduces stress and anxiety

Enhances Physical endurance

Improves skin texture

Safe for diabetic

Contains 23 calories only

No LBM effect


10 sachets per box (21 grams per sachet)

Luxe Slim Dark Choco Dark Chocolate Drink

Excluding Sales Tax
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