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AHA with solution concentration up to 90%

The solution is much more stable and pure than conventional solutions.

Adjust the skin to be radiant to the utmost. Exfoliate skin cells urgently

Main ingredients: AHA from >> Citrus limon Extract

It's a hidden AHA. Extracted from sour fruit groups and rich in citric acid

"Not harmful to the skin"

How to use:

Apply the solution onto the body after showering and before going to bed.

By posting the first one. of every skincare item

Recommended: If you've never used it, start by applying it just before bed.

If your skin begins to adjust, apply morning and evening as usual.

Can be used together with...

Cream, lotion, serum or scrub, any brand.

AHA will help speed up efficiency.

Don't forget! Apply enough sunscreen all over your body regularly. For the most radiant skin results

Can be used by all skin types.

Mira AHA body solution plus vitamin c & e 90% intensive aha serum 500ml

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