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Reveal your new skin, whiter and smoother with the formula of snail extract, collagen mixed with glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E, an ingredient that helps eliminate wrinkles, and scars fade away.


This is a brightening lotion that helps to improve the skin condition, adjust dark spots, and adjust the skin color to look radiant.

It gently cleanses the top layer of your skin, promotes firmer skin, and prevents aging. It creates a layer that protects against free radicals that are damaging the skin. It is rich in Glutathione that helps your skin look naturally radiant and not sensitive to sunlight.


This moisturizing lotion makes the skin look firmer and naturally white with radiant technology with the help of snail mucus and glutathione.

Perfect Skin Lady Snail White Gluta Collagen Plus Lotion Brightening x20 450ml

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