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Arbutin helps to exfoliates the outer layer of skin cells to brighten, helps to smooth and soften.

· Super Whitening Skin

· Nourish the skin and Moisturizer the skin.

· Reduce fade spots maintain a softness. Black Spots, Melanin and Quick Glowing Skin.

· Ingredients to promote Healthier and Glowing.

· Nourishing, Firming, Clear Blemishes, Fades Dark Spots.

· Alpha Arbutin Cared For:

· Whitening Skin

· Lifts and Firms Skin.

· For All Skin Types.


How to use: Apply all over your body every time your shower. Morning and night or more often as needed (Results depends on individual skin condition).


Precious skin aha body booster cream 100g

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