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Snail Gluta Collagen Gold Face Serum From Snail Slime Serum , 40 ml Bottle ( Pack of 1 ). Snail Collagen Serum leaves skin clarified to reveal radiant skin and a renewed complexion With daily use after two weeks, dark spots are visibly improved, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. super active concentrated serum that deeply absorbs your skin and moisturizes skin at the same time , snail mucus extracts keep your skin healthy and glowing , Refine Skin Texture , Reduce wrinkle formation and drastically smoothing your skin surface and Boost skin Immunity. HOW TO APPLY : Apply the serum to damp skin to lock in even more hydration! Dispense a few drops on fingertips and apply all over your face, focusing on any problem areas, until the product is thoroughly absorbed

Snail Gluta Collagen Gold Serum New Version

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