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Introducing Flawless Glow, your go-to solution for achieving radiant hair and strong nails. With a carefully crafted blend of D-Biotin, essential vitamins (A, C, D2, E, B6, B12), pantothenic acid, choline, iodine, zinc, and inositol, Flawless Glow is designed to nourish and enhance the health of your hair and nails from within. Unlock your true beauty potential with Flawless Glow and let your hair and nails shine with vitality and brilliance.

Biotin for hair: D-Biotin helps strengthen and maintain healthy hair by supporting its growth and reducing breakage.

Vitamins for hair and nails: The inclusion of vitamins A, C, D2, E, B6, and B12 in Flawless Glow supports the overall health and condition of both hair and nails.

Nutrient support: Pantothenic acid, choline, iodine, zinc, and inositol provide essential nutrients that contribute to the health and vitality of hair and nails.

Comprehensive formula: Flawless Glow offers a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals designed to nourish and enhance the appearance of hair and nails.

Promotes stronger hair and nails

Helps enhance hair growth

Aids skin nourishment

Holistic beauty support

Suggested use: For adults, take two gummies twice daily on an empty stomach.

60 gummies, Mixed Berry Flavor

Vita bears flawless glow 60 gummies mixed berries

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